Auckland Defensive Driving Academy Customer Feedback

Hello Stu,

My son Michael attended your course on the North Shore. It wasn't the closest one to us but a friend’s daughter had attended one of yours and recommended it.

Michael is a standard teenage boy and all you get from him when asked about anything are grunts and groans.

Incredibly, he raved about your course. You clearly have an ability to relate to teenagers. His attitude to driving has improved and he is looking forward to passing his Full Licence Test. Your course should be compulsory for all teenagers.

Thanks again.

Lisa Anderson

The only reason I wanted to do my Defensive is to get my full earlier. I knew it was going to be painfully boring, but in order to get my full early, I knew that this is the only way I could go about it. My mates had recommended me to go to the one in Takapuna, as it wasn't as boring as they had thought it was going to be. And they were right. It wasn't boring at all. Stu made it fun, and I actually learnt some things that I had never even thought about before. He also took us through a demonstration of what my full license test was going to be like. I passed my full really easily, as the test was exactly like Stu said. Now I am recommending it to my younger friends.

Micheal Cope