Defensive Driving Course Options - Auckland Defensive Driving Academy

The Restricted Licence Time Reduction Course

This 9 hour defensive driving course is for Restricted or Learner Licence holders. Once completed it takes 6 months off their Restricted Licence time. There is no longer a requirement to have held your Restricted for 6 months. This has changed and it can now be attended by Learner Licence holders and it will still take time off their Restricted.

It is made up of 8 hours of theory and an in-car practical session.

The 8 hours are split into 4 x 2 hour sessions and are run 6-8pm over a 10 day period, e.g.
Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday over 2 weeks. Participants work from a colour work book, watch videos, and discuss various problems and scenarios presented to them. There is no test or exam! Providing all work is completed, everyone gets a certificate.

The certificate is issued on the completion of the practical session. The practical session has three purposes:

  1. It identifies any pattern of errors that the driver may have.
  2. Students put into practice tips that have been learnt during the theory sessions.
  3. Participants are taken through a mock Full Licence Test and are given advice on how to comfortably pass this.

Completion of this defensive driving course will make them a smarter driver.

Defensive Driving For Experienced Drivers

This 4 hour defensive driving course targets more the experienced driver. This is a course for Companies, Police and Ambulance Recruits and those who simply wish to enhance their driving skills.

Courses run on a Saturday morning from 9am-1pm. These also have workbooks, videos and coaching from the Course Manager.

Here is a brief synopsis of what the course entails:

  • It is based around risk management, risk reduction and managing the driving task.
  • Participants explore sections on fatigue, stress and their subsequent effect on driving.
  • Searching and scanning techniques are enhanced.
  • A range of vehicle dynamics and handling characteristics are reviewed with coping strategies developed.
  • It reviews the relationship between drink/drugs and driving.
  • There is no test or exam. Providing work has been completed all participants receive a certificate.

Auckland Defensive Driving Academy also caters for Court ordered participants.

Company Defensive Driving Courses

Company vehicles are a mobile billboard. Vehicle maintenance costs and the associated downtime from even minor accidents have major impacts on Companies. Completion of our defensive driving course will give drivers a more heightened sense of awareness, improve searching & scanning techniques and should make your drivers far more proactive on the road.

These courses can reassure OSH and your Insurance Company when questioned about Driver Improvement Courses.

With decent numbers we will happily run defensive driving courses from your Workplace.